Seasonal weddings

You have chosen Tuscany for your wedding and you want it to have that Tuscan feel you have been looking for; you want your venue, your guests, food and drinks, colours, clothes and music to taste of Tuscany. So, what do Tuscan people eat and wear during the winter? What ingredients do they pick or buy? What are the colours? What clothes do they buy and what activities do they favour? I am hoping to give you an idea of what to expect if you spend a few days in Tuscany for your wedding and some advice on how to eat, dress and live the Tuscan lifestyle. What to eat: Tuscan menu is based on a tradition of cooking with locally sourced seasonal ingredients and winter is no exception. Food for us is more than just eating; it is an essential part of our identity and one of the things that really unite us. People from all walks of life have enjoyed the same food for centuries: delicious soups made with garden vegetables, beans, chickpeas, spelt, rice, tomatoes and black kale; chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles which are the basis of many winter dishes; plus plenty of fish and meat, featuring…


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If you come this way in the winter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This is Tuscany as you wouldn’t expect it: snow-clad mountains, crisp air, morning hoarfrost gradually thawing in the daylight and…. no crowds. There are a lot of reasons to choose the winter, if you decide to have your wedding in Tuscany. Take the weather, for example. Tuscan winters are pleasantly dry, with average chances of rainfall of about 25% in December and around 12% in January and February. They are cold but not too cold: you may expect average temperatures of 6-7 degrees in the cities while only on the mountains it regularly gets below zero. The air is crisp, invigorating and crystal-clear and by mid-February, it starts getting mild again. There are many things to do, as well, for you and your loved ones. Admire the cities without too many people around, take thermal baths in some hot springs, go for inspiring walks along the beach and enjoy the sea with no crowds or, if you are feeling energetic, go skiing.  Everywhere, the atmosphere is soft and relaxed; almost intimate. Venues will be easier to find for your reception and ceremony (and less expensive!). You could choose…


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Tuscany is a land of many souls whose landscapes vary dramatically with the seasons; if you are going to tie the knot here, you could do much worse than choosing autumn for your wedding. The weather is mild and you can enjoy most of your time outdoors. The Tuscan landscape is at its best in autumn: rich, magical and ….amazingly romantic. The light shines clear all day over red roofs and palaces, while at sunset everything takes on a golden hue; the woods are chestnut-brown and the vines are loaded with ripe, sweet grapes half-hidden by russet leaves. Just imagine holding your reception and having your pictures taken with such a backdrop! Autumn is a generous season, too. Tuscan people thankfully receive Nature’s bounty and store it for the coming months, with whole communities getting involved in picking and harvesting: chestnuts, walnuts, truffles, mushrooms, grapes, olives are but a few autumn treasures which could be featuring on your table in various forms. This is just a hint of what you will experience if you choose to get married in Tuscany in the autumn. If you like it so far, there will be more coming soon, here.