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Destination wedding Tips

09 Dic 2013, Posted by Whitethings in Blog, Wedding styles

You don’t need to be a bridal expert to know that destination weddings are on the rise. In fact, a quick visit to Pinterest or Instagram – popular photo sharing sites – should give you all the proof you need on the subject. However, if those sites aren’t enough, perhaps the best indicators that more of us are planning to say I do abroad are the conversations that happen on an almost daily basis in offices around the world. Spending more than 10 minutes near the coffee machine at work or slightly more dangerous for those who aren’t planning a wedding, the female toilets, will inevitably lead to marriage talk. Announcements about an engagement will automatically lead to an outpouring of all that gushiness us girly girls usually keep hidden away during normal work hours. But it’s not long before the congratulations are over and more practical topics take up conversation space. From questions over the cost of transport to concerns about where to find babysitters and depleting vacation time, it seems that everyone has their two cents to share on the topic. So here are our ‘best of the best’ when it comes to advice on organising or planning…

3 Tuscan Weddings That Will Inspire You

21 Nov 2013, Posted by Whitethings in Blog, Wedding styles

If your dream wedding is set to the backdrop of rolling hills, winding olive groves and chiming church bells, you are not alone. So what makes nuptials Tuscan and how can you start planning your dream destination wedding in the land of romance? Here are three wedding themes on different budgets that might inspire you. The Fairy Tale Wedding To celebrate the love you have found in your very own prince charming, you need a wedding fit for a princess. Well. That’s what years of watching Disney will tell you and the truth is, the truth is Disney was right. You are a princess and a royal wedding is definitely on the cards, it just requires a little expert planning! Tuscany is home to a number of beautiful castles that are now used almost exclusively for wedding services and can be hired out exclusively for your special day. From luxury castles in the Chianti wine region to medieval ones in Florence or Sienna, you have a wide range of possible venues to choose from. You can also organise to celebrate your nuptials in a local church and save the castle for your reception. For a real black-tie feel, you will…