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14 Nov 2013, Posted by Whitethings in Seasonal weddings

Tuscany is a land of many souls whose landscapes vary dramatically with the seasons; if you are going to tie the knot here, you could do much worse than choosing autumn for your wedding. The weather is mild and you can enjoy most of your time outdoors. The Tuscan landscape is at its best in autumn: rich, magical and ….amazingly romantic. The light shines clear all day over red roofs and palaces, while at sunset everything takes on a golden hue; the woods are chestnut-brown and the vines are loaded with ripe, sweet grapes half-hidden by russet leaves. Just imagine holding your reception and having your pictures taken with such a backdrop! Autumn is a generous season, too. Tuscan people thankfully receive Nature’s bounty and store it for the coming months, with whole communities getting involved in picking and harvesting: chestnuts, walnuts, truffles, mushrooms, grapes, olives are but a few autumn treasures which could be featuring on your table in various forms. This is just a hint of what you will experience if you choose to get married in Tuscany in the autumn. If you like it so far, there will be more coming soon, here.